Media Diary

Hello, and welcome to my media diary for January 13th, 2023. I chose to record a typical Friday for me. A general workday shows my elaborate use of media plus, I generally work on the weekends, so my weekends are not that different. 

You will see heavy use of Google, lifestyle sites, and TikTok. Without further ado, let’s take a look at January 13th: 

8:30 a.m. – Wake Up and Email Check

The first thing I do when I wake up (other than stopping my alarm) is check my emails and general notifications. I usually have an email from Eventbrite telling me about events around me.

8:50 to 9:10 a.m. – Buzzfeed, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

When I eat breakfast, I scan through Buzzfeed to see what’s the latest celebrity news and gossip. Next, I scroll through my social media feeds. 

I go through Facebook first to see what’s happening with my friends and family. Then I head to Instagram to view some poems and funny posts. Last I head to Twitter to see what’s trending and if there are any celebrity scandals before I start working.

9:12 to 12 p.m. – Writing and Article Research  

Since I work for the Hoth, I go onto their website portal to choose an article. The article I chose for January 13th is a fashion and lifestyle article listing the best gold designer handbags.

To research the topic, I looked at multiple stores, such as Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. Plus, I found some articles on the topic from Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Throughout writing the article, I searched for synonyms and definitions of words and checked my grammar through Grammarly.  

12:01 to 1:00 p.m- Buzzfeed to YouTube 

After a couple of hours of writing, I took my lunch break and headed to Buzzfeed. I took two quizzes (apparently, I’m a sage crystal and most likely to go on vacation to Thailand) and read an article or two about the Kardashians. Then I headed to YouTube to watch a few compilation and gaming videos. 

1:00 to 2:20 p.m. – Writing and Article Research 

Once my lunch break was over, I headed back to writing. I used the same article sites as before and looked through Google Images to find celebrities who have worn gold designer bags.  

Spoiler alert: the Kardashians love gold purses! I then continued to write as I confirmed the synonyms of words and their spelling through Google. 

2: 21 to 2:32 p.m. – TikTok

I was starting to wear down, so I took a break from writing and headed over to TikTok for some laughs. I watched various content involving dogs, cats, stand-up comedy, and fashion-related videos. This dog video, in particular, melted my heart!

2:33 to 3:00 p.m. – Writing and Article Research

Surprise, surprise, I went back to writing again. I used the same articles as before and checked several sites like Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Michael Kors to ensure the sale price was correct. 

3:01 to 3:15 p.m. – TikTok

I took another break needing a few more laughs. I watched videos about dogs, stand-up comedy, and storytime videos. This dog video, in particular, made my day so much better.

3:16 to 5:00 p.m – Writing and Article Research

During this time, I took my time finishing writing. After I was done, I went to the client’s website and copied various links for internal linking.

Before submitting my article, I checked my grammar through Grammarly and my sentence structure through Hemmingwayapp. Finally, I checked if I had any plagiarism through Copyscape then I formatted my article in the Hoth’s website portal and submitted it. 

5:01 to 6:19 p.m. – Music 

After writing, I went to the gym and listened to music during my workout. Some of the artists I listened to were Brittney Spears, OneRepublic, and Barnes Courtney. 

6:20 to 8:00 p.m – YouTube to HBO Max

I relaxed when I got home and started watching YouTube. I watched four videos, all from different creators. Then I switched to watching Pretty Little Liars on HBO Max while I did a bullet journaling activity. 

8:00 to 9:30 p.m – Netflix

When I completed my activity, I watched an episode and a half of Ozark on Netflix. I just finished the second season, and talk about plot twists!

9:30 to 10:00 p.m- YouTube 

I headed to bed but couldn’t sleep, so I watched four slim ASMR videos. My favorite channel for slime content is Nastya Slime; she creates some beautiful slim concoctions.  

Rating Media Sites

While I didn’t look at big journalism sites like New York Times or The Washington Post on January 13th, I am subscribed to their online newspaper and tend to look at them every once in a while.

I find them credible at reporting on national news, issues, and politics. After all, they cite studies and show the issue from both sides, giving a better perspective on the issue. 

For credible lifestyle content, I enjoy looking at sites like Glamour and Cosmopolitan. They tend to be on top of trends and understand the needs and wants of the everyday woman. 

Thank you for reading my media diary; I hope you learned a few new things about me. I certainly did; I didn’t realize how much more productive I was in the morning than in the evening. Oh, and talk about TikTok; I probably use it more than I should, but what can I say? I love it. See you next time for another in-depth blog post!

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