Dating &Relationships

5 Ideas to Embrace Your Sexy

Life isn’t always fair, with troubling family matters, complicated work schedules and bills to pay, it’s easy to forget to put yourself first. But as the beautiful human you are, you should treat yourself and splurge on items or experiences that make you feel happy and sexy. Whether it’s photo shoots or black lace lingerie, […]

5 Thoughts to Think About Before You Cheat

Cheating cripples relationships; it’s a betrayal that hurts deep, and yet many people suffer due to the impulse. Perhaps if more people thought about the act of cheating instead of simply acting on their desires, a person would understand what they want and learn how to find it. Without further ado, here are five thoughts […]

8 Successful Tips for a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be a scary adventure. As someone who is in a long-distance relationship, I understand how challenging they can be at times, but that doesn’t mean they have to crash and burn. Many long-distance relationships can prosper and grow into healthy lifelong relationships. Here are eight tips to build a successful long-distance relationship […]


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